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Levernier Chiropractic, PA 

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I began seeing Dr. Brian Levernier for a chronic neck problem in the fall of 2013.  I then broke my left shoulder and began having problems with my right shoulder.  It turns out I have a muscle tear in my right rotator cusp.

Throughout treatment I have been completely satisfied with the level of care I have received.  Dr. Levernier takes the time to explain my problems and issues in ways that I can understand.

He has helped me through some very painful periods with his treatment.  My satisfaction rating is the highest I could give and would recommend him to anyone.

Since his advanced training, he has incorporated Active Release Technique (ART) into my therapy.  He has been able to get me to a level where it is hard to believe that I had such major problems with my neck and shoulder.  He has been able to reduce my pain levels to almost a minimal.

I am certainly glad I began therapy with Dr. Levernier and will continue to see him whenever necessary because I feel if I can be helped, He is the doctor that can help me.

Again, I would recommend Dr. Brian Levernier and Levernier Chiropractic to any and all with pain, muscle, or skeletal problems.

John Diercks 

I visited Dr. Brian Levernier on Tuesday, January 21 with severe sciatica pain on my left side.  The pain was particularly uncomfortable when I walked, stood for longer durations, and when I exerted a pulling motion.  Dr. Brian provided a regular treatment, but then addressed the pain directly using ART.  When I left his office the pain that I experienced when I walked was essentially gone.

I returned to his office on January 24, 2014 and received another treatment using ART.  The pain I experienced when I “pulled” was almost completely eliminated.

I’m sure it sounds hard to believe that pain of this kind could be corrected so quickly, but it did.  If I ever was skeptical about this kind of work, I am no longer.  Dr. Brian was thorough and professional.  My pain is nearly gone.  He’s given me exercises to maintain and I plan to return to address some of my “lesser pains” that have come with aging.

Keith Lester 

I cannot remember when I started with chiropractic care, only that it was a long time ago.  I first went just when I had back problems.  During one of those treatments I was asked if I had any other problems.  I said nope, just this darn heart burn.  The doctor asked about it and then made another adjustment on me and believe it or not, my heart burn wasn’t only better, it was gone.  Since then I go in for regular monthly tune-ups even if I am feeling fine and am just amazed how little trouble I have now compared to 20 years ago.

During this time I have seen many chiropractors and Dr. Brian Levernier is the best I have had to date.  He is gentle but very effective.  Takes interest in my well-being, not just rushing to get to the next patient.  I have also had a chance to use Levernier Chiropractic’s therapeutic massage and found it great and very reasonable.

Scott Braam 

After an auto accident a family member referred me to Dr. Brian for treatment.  I was impressed by the care and professionalism as this was my first time using the services of a chiropractor.  I know my body has been positively affected by the care and understanding that I have received for the last two months.  Thank you Dr. Brian.

Steve Pivec 

My name is Ray, ever since child birth my story was not a happy one.  Names like polio, multiple sclerosis would come up (with previous medical professionals) and a left leg differential of 5/8” to 3/4”.  For 63 years I never knew the truth of what happened at birth.  Only little over a month ago I met Dr. Levernier.  X-rays and a few treatments the doctor, my family, friends, and colleagues have noticed I am not limping as much and not walking with a club foot anymore. UNBELIEVEABLE.  It took this long, and an aggressive, interested doctor to improve my life.  I even qualified for social security because of my leg.  Got out the war (Vietnam), lost countless job offers, made fun of again.  UBELIEVEABLE….

Ray Rocchio  

I have felt a release of pain unlike any other before tried treatment after my second session.  This really works.  It’s no hocus pocus.  It’s amazing.

Ashley McCamey 

 I experienced the ART treatment for the first time with Dr. Brian Levernier.  There was a freedom in the muscle movement and a nearly immediate release.  After moving the shoulder that is impacted, I would feel a warmth in the location and less strain.  It was very effective and I plan to have the treatment become a necessary part of my monthly adjustment.

 Val Stewart   

I have been to chiropractors for 30 years.  I have had a lot of experiences with many different chiropractors through the years.  Brian Levernier is by far one of the best.

When I saw him in August, 2014, I had not been to a chiropractor for a while.  I have several issues with my back.  Brian was able to completely assess the overall problem and adjust me perfectly.  I felt like a million bucks.  I would recommend him to anyone.

Mary J. Chalker

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